The Journey

PIMONU was founded in 2014 by SF Lee and her mother Apen. Everything was began from scratch in the beginning. Since then, PIMONU aims to create an unforgettable journey from a local first flagship workshop to the international presence brand.

Come into being a small humble workshop, we made high quality products, not high quantity. We involved actively in small local market and joined craft events to boost our popularity.

During mid Feb 2016, PIMONU has kick-start a business in Damai Central, a tourist attractions place by Sarawak Cultural Village. This is our primary step to promote local craft products globally.

Having lack of equipment, we finally obtained the heavy duty high performance sewing machine and necessary materials in May 2016 contributed by the government, Jabatan Pertanian Sarawak.

Today, we own a small gallery set together in our workshop readily available to cater for the visitor as well as local native people. We are cooperating with the local homestay communities in bringing their guests to discover our existence.

In line with expansion, a team with different expertise on various handmade products was built. Further breakthrough would be made in the near future and we are looking forward to it…