Founder of PIMONU

As a Chinese Bidayuh born, SF Lee had learnt both culture in her home village. Her mother, Apen is a traditional rattan basket maker has motivate her to endeavor in this field. From the beginning, they were driven by a strong desire to bring back the cultural lifestyle that has been long forgotten by the community. This led them to offer a high quality, hand-finished, traditional yet modern craft products at affordable prices.

Nowadays, the importance and value of traditional products has been neglected among the young generation. The old craftmakers are no longer able to produce handicrafts, and as such the young generation is urged to involve themselves in crafts making to pass down this local old practices.

This had significantly influenced Lee and her mother to raise the awareness in local community by teaching the amateur on crafts making. With the proven skills they gained, it is indirectly generate extra income to their family. By developing PIMONU, they are literally bringing everyone for a walk through the journey of traditional heritage and precious natural existence.

The greatest satisfaction in PIMONU is able to help the rural native community  putting their effort and interest on craftwork. This period symbolizes a time of appreciation to the beauty and unique cultures of Sarawak.